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Assessments & Testing

Students in Grades 3–5 are required to take the State of Texas Academic Assessment of Readiness, STAAR test. All students in 3rd and 4th grades will take the Reading and Math portion of the STAAR test. Students in 5th grade are required to take both the Reading and Math, as well as the Science portion of the STAAR test.

Your child's participation in STAAR matters. Schools not only have a responsibility to ensure students are learning – they are also responsible for how well they are being taught. These scores factor into the schools accountability rating. Federal and state laws require that all eligible students participate in STAAR. Although state law provides families with the right to temporarily remove their child from a class or school activity if they have an objection to participate, it specifically does not allow families to do so to avoid a test. 

More parent information regarding the STAAR test can be found on the TEA website.