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BE RELAXED AND CONFIDENTStudents and teachers have been working hard all year. All of the hard work will not matter if your student is not mentally and physically prepared to perform well when it comes to test time! Here are some tips:

  • Make sure your student
    • gets a good night sleep before the test.
    • eats a good breakfast. Make sure they do not eat too much sugar to avoid "crashing" during the test.
    • arrive to school on time; no one performs well when they run late and are frazzled.
    • knows all tests are on their own pace and they can take breaks if they need to. It doesn't matter how long it takes them to complete the test, as long as they do the best they can. 
    • is confident. Students get further with a positive attitude compared to a negative attitude. 
  • This one is for you, parents
    • Surprise them with a Special Note! Send their teacher a note of encouragement to give to your student the morning of the test.
    • Plan something special for your student post-test. Give them something to look forward to, almost like a celebration for their hard-work preparing for and taking the test.
    • Try not to make it stressful.